Vita Nuova seeks to help support the creation of a sustainable world. As we grow, we seek new ways to share information, facilitate online communities and, where we can, share resources with the rest of the world. Below are a few examples of are current work.

Redevelopment Institute

Vita Nuova is a proud partner of the Redevelopment Institute, an online education and technical assistance hub focused on providing the highest level of professional education to those engaged in the revitalization of communities. We support the Redevelopment Institute’s mission to create a platform open to anyone with best practice information to share, with the goal of establishing a network of shared experiences, successes and lessons learned.

Sign-up for a free Redevelopment Institute membership today to gain access to 4 years of the Sustainability Series (free 1-hour webinars about the best of sustainable practices from around the country), the Institute’s Library of resources (which houses dozens of articles, fact sheets and guidance pertinent to redevelopment), and for information on upcoming on-demand courses.


"Your webinars are always very interesting and truly add to my base of knowledge as a planner. It’s nice to get so much out of a webinar and then be able to get the credit!"

"Current important information at a technical level that enriched my professional knowledge."

"Realistic and inspiring account of how community engagement resulted in a well-balanced and more acceptable site redevelopment."

Pax in Terra

Pax in Terra was started by the founders of Vita Nuova to help the more than 1 billion people who wake up every morning not knowing where their next meal will come from achieve Sustainable Human Development. While only in its infancy, we hope that as Vita Nuova grows the knowledge and resources can be shared with those in need around the world.

Pax In Terra is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the dignity of the human person through the development of sustainable communities.

Pax in Terra aims to help disadvantaged communities adapt to the impacts of global climate change and other environmental challenges by creating a voluntary network of technical experts in sustainable development that support projects around the world. The organization provides monetary support and other resources for the revitalization of these communities and creates educational forums where best practices can be communicated and shared with communities, non-profit organizations and governmental entities.

For more information, please visit: www.paxinterra.org

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