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Good News continues in Toledo!

The rebuilding process takes time. Through the efforts of the Port Authority, the area that was subject of the 2014 Area-wide Planning Grant continues to improve. Vita Nuova continues to encourage the partners that supports these efforts in rebuilding this neighborhood, one job, one garden, one rebuilt home at a time.

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EPA Highlights efforts to rebuild Gary, IN.

EPA's Land Revitalization Program is highlighting the Gary Northside Project, ongoing with Vita Nuova support for the last 5 years. Specifically, Vita Nuova has followed through on the design and development of the new Lakefront District, bringing together the wealthiest with some of the poorest in Gary for mutual benefit around a new transit-oriented development.

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Vita Nuova Article on Toledo, OH featured in Renewal & Redevelopment Magazine

By Barry Hersh and Michael Taylor.  Appeared in Renewal & Redevelopment Magazine, February 2016.

Toledo has always been an auto town; making car parts ranging from Champion Sparkplugs to Libby-Owens-Ford windshields. Toledo’s most iconic auto manufacturing product was the US military Jeep, started by Willys-Overland. Company ownership passed to Kaiser, then AMC, then Chrysler and now Fiat, as the brand was commercialized.  Over the past forty years the City of Toledo, State of Ohio and the United Auto Workers union have mounted several efforts and each time gathered incentives to keep Jeep manufactured in Toledo. In late 2015 Jeep announced that the Wrangler and a new Wrangler based pick-up truck will be built in the North Toledo plant on Stickney Avenue, with no future need for the long closed South Plant. In the late 1950s this plant employed approximately 25,000 workers, many of whom lived nearby. It was often said that when Detroit caught cold, Toledo sneezed. While Toledo has not gone bankrupt, the changes in the auto industry and the latest recession have certainly taken a toll on this classic rust-belt city, as population and economic vitality suffered.

Pic1 Jeep South Plant, Toledo, Ohio, 1957 Courtesy of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority

The Toledo Lucas County Port Authority, that operates the very active, mostly grain shipping, port facilities on the Maumee River, has become a significant economic development participant, and has taken ownership of the 110-acre South Jeep Plant property, naming it Overland Industrial Park.  Working with the City and State, the Port Authority led by its President and CEO, Paul Toth, completed the cleanup, extended infrastructure including improving access roads for the soon to be updated I-75 and in total invested $9-million in this redevelopment effort. The site was contaminated, primarily with TCE, and the remediation included both removal and in situ solutions. Both the United States and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies have contributed technical assistance and regulated the remediation. Sally Gladwell, Vice President of the Mannik-Smith Group and Certified Environmental Professional (CP) for the site sees the port’s actions this way – ” The Port Authority’s commitment to acquire, clean up, and redevelop key Brownfield sites like the former Jeep plant property is vitally important to the revitalization of our city and region. Not only is the Port Authority investing in land that bears Toledo’s signature of Jeep manufacturing, they are doing so in a way that invests in the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of our community. What’s more: they have taken on their mission, inviting support from a host of other public and private partners. The benefits of that collaborative approach are immeasurable. ”

In 2015 an agreement was reached with, local co-developer, Industrial Developers Ltd, for a public-private partnership.  A 100,000 SF modern, 34 feet clear height, tilt-up construction, speculative warehouse building is almost completed. With the recent announcement keeping Chrysler Fiat Jeep Wrangler in their nearby North Toledo plant, future suppliers are a target market being actively pursued. Long term, the site will focus on providing modern facilities to bring good jobs in the city’s core, and envisions a state-of-the art mix of industrial and/commercial uses, solar, and green infrastructure along the Ottawa River.

Pic2Overland Business Park, Drone Photo, January 2016 Courtesy of Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority

The Port Authority based the plan for Overland Industrial Park upon economic and planning consultant studies. While the focus is firmly on job creation, the Port Authority has worked with the city, US EPA, the Toledo Foundation and Vita Nuova LLC toward a broader vision to benefit the surrounding community. The nearby neighborhood on the west side of the Ottawa River has suffered disinvestment and is now 70% non-owner occupied, 43% of the property is vacant,  and a 25% loss of population over the decade, and numerous other brownfields surround the neighborhood.

When Christopher Choi, a member of the Land Revitalization team, at USEPA heard about the Port’s commitment, he began seeking targeted technical assistance intended to expand the revitalization to the neighborhood. In 2011, key stakeholders were invited to a one-day “local Synergy” Summit to identify opportunities for revitalization. These included job recruitment, shared transportation improvements, and other commercial ventures around the plant site.  In 2012, community members worked together to form a grassroots group called OWENI to work on projects from the ground up. Their work has included outreach to youth, pocket parks, house painting projects and keeping the neighborhood informed and engaged.

The City of Toledo was awarded a USEPA Area-Wide Planning grant of $200,000 and a process for revitalization was carried out by the Vita Nuova-Mannik-Smith team in 2014.  With these resources, the work begun by EPA’s consultant Vita Nuova could be broadened and deepened through an 18 month process engaging 30-40 different stakeholder groups, city, state and federal agencies. The result was a roadmap for revitalizing and re-populating the neighborhood. Unlike traditional planning processes, the goals were to identify actions that would continue beyond the grant and  empower local leaders to take them on. From the process, five key initiative groups were formed and action plans developed. They included: land reuse, Neighborhood Improvements, Job Preparation and Training, Safety, and Youth Engagement. The Key Initiative groups overcame traditional beareucratic boundaries and worked as teams to create real change on the ground. This project continues to be coordinated by Marc Gerdeman, project manager for the City of the Toledo Area-wide Planning Project. Working with key partners like the Cherry Street Legacy Project managed by Karen Rogalski, the Toledo Foundation, OWENI, the Toledo Design Center and many partners too numerous to mention, this neighborhood is on its way back and will return to a healthy, vibrant home to the revitalized former Jeep Plant.

There is still much to be done, starting with tenants in the new industrial building and then adding to Overland Industrial Park to provide more jobs and amenities.  The Since World War II, this site has been at the economic heart of Toledo. The aspirational goal of this brownfield redevelopment in a centrally-located site is to play an important and positive role in the future of the City and the community.  Unlike other distressed areas of the country that are being returned to open space, this north Toledo area is returning to vibrancy, one site and one action at a time.


Barry Hersh, AICP, is an Associate Professor at NYU SPS Schack Institute of Real Estate, a member of Vita Nuova LLC and former Principal Planner for the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission.

Michael Taylor, President of Vita Nuova LLC, a national consultancy focused on redevelopment of complex properties and revitalizing distressed communities, served as project manager for the Toledo Area-Wide Planning Project.

Join Vita Nuova at the 2015 Brownfields Conference!

 We at Vita Nuova LLC are looking forward to what promises to be another exciting and educational brownfields conference! At this year's conference, (September 2-4, 2015, Chicago, IL) Michael Taylor, President of Vita Nuova will moderate a panel discussion on September 3rd at 2:15pm titled "Eco-Innovation: How Creative Leaders are Bringing our (Eco) Industrial Economy Back." Panelists include Audrey Taylor, Chabin Concepts/City of Chico; David Stebbins, Buffalo Urban Development Corporation; and Kevin Gremse, National Development Council. Click here to read a description of the panel and for location information. We hope to see you there!

Vita Nuova has also organized a panel discussion for the following day, on September 4th at 11:15am titled "Models for Transferring and Redeveloping Contaminated Properties." Vita Nuova Risk Management Consultant Jim Rocco will participate in the panel along with Elizabeth Barton, Day Pitney LLP; Anthony Gentile, XL Insurance; and, Steven Ancona, Flatiron Real Estate Advisors LLC. Click here to read a description of the panel and for location information.

In addition, representatives from the Redevelopment Institute will be on hand for the Brownfields Conference, and Vita Nuova is pleased to be a supporter of the Institute - an online hub for redevelopment education. Gioia Connell of the Redevelopment Institute will be on site discussing the Institute and its offerings, and course instructor Jim Rocco will be available to discuss his new online course, "Sustainable Brownfields Redevelopment" - a series of five video modules based on the USEPA PREPARED Workbook. Learn more about the Redevelopment Institute here.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

CT DEEP Launches PREPARED Workbook Website, Supported by Vita Nuova

VN developed the web-enabled PREPARED Workbook to integrate with CTDEEP's brownfields program. The PREPARED process helps guide communities through the brownfields decision-making process. With links to key DEEP policies integrated into the PREPARED process, communities are better able to manage projects, keep current on state programs and policies, and achieve better outcomes. Many other states are considering incorporating the PREPARED Process into their state programs and websites. Vita Nuova was the primary consultant in writing EPA's PREPARED Workbook upon which the website is based. VN is offering online courses to help train users in the use of the PREPARED Process through the Redevelopment Institute.

Vita Nuova Projects featured in EPA’s 2014 Land Revitalization Success Stories

 Vita Nuova provided key support on five out of the eleven 2014 EPA Land Revitalization Success Stories! Projects include:

Northside Redevelopment Project – Gary, Indiana
The EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities worked together to develop objectives and prioritize key redevelopment areas for this 2014 Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative program in Gary, Indiana. Vita Nuova developed the process for selection and helped prioritize the areas of focus for the program. Since then, a major TOD plan has been developed for one of the areas, bringing together multiple partners for a significant redevelopment.

Green And Vertically Integrated Business Analysis – Chico, California
Vita Nuova assisted in utilizing green and vertically-integrated business models to strategize the redevelopment up to 40 acres of underutilized industrial land in the EPA’s Southwest Chico Neighborhood Improvement Area. Vita Nuova worked with the EPA, California Department of Toxic Substances Control, and private developers to breathe new life into this section of the city.

Brownfields Program Development – Burlington, Iowa
Vita Nuova participated in the establishment of a cohesive Brownfields Program in Burlington, Iowa to identify tools and solidify focus on redeveloping the small city’s historic downtown. Vita Nuova developed a new brownfields prioritization tool that could be used by other communities as well.

South Side/Roxana Neighborhood Transit Oriented Development – East Chicago, Indiana
Vita Nuova provided TOD planning to this pilot of the Vital East Chicago Project in the city of East Chicago. The project is a HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities initiative to plan and execute sustainable development projects that will facilitate community revitalization.

Using The Prepared Workbook In Connecticut
Vita Nuova worked with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) and USEPA Region 1 to design and create a web-based, Connecticut specific version of the PREPARED Workbook, which outlines a risk management framework to help municipalities evaluate actions to bring about the reuse of brownfield properties.

Click here to view the EPA report

Vita Nuova Supports the Toledo Area Wide Planning Project

 Vita Nuova is managing the Toledo USEPA Area-wide Planning effort around the former Jeep site in a distressed area of Toledo. The project takes an innovative approach, seeking to address both physical and human aspects of revitalization while supporting the efforts of more than a dozen key partners.

Click here to visit the Toledo AWP website

Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLC Site, North Haven, Connecticut

 EPA has recognized this site as a model of green remediation and redevelopment. Please see the description from EPA's Clu-in website.

Vita Nuova served as redevelopment and stakeholder relations consultant since 2004 on the project.

Vita Nuova to lead PREPARED Workbook Session at the 2013 Brownfields Conference

 Join Vita Nuova for a special PREPARED Workbook session at the 2013 Brownfields Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on May 16th at 4pm! If you plan on attending the session, please email Hana Lewis at so that we can send you helpful materials in advance.

The session will be moderated by Timothy Fields of MDB, Inc. and panelists will include Jim Rocco of Vita Nuova, Barry Hersh of NYU, and Kathy Castagna of USEPA Region 1.

The Prepared Workbook is a roadmap for all public and community entities planning to become involved in brownfields redevelopment. This session will help participants understand how to navigate and coordinate all appropriate inquiry with redevelopment planning within the framework of organizational decision-making. Participation in this session will help attendees work through decisions related to a rural or urban brownfields redevelopment project and provide an opportunity to bring specific development issues for discussion. An interactive format will be used to lead participants through the PREPARED approach and work through various reuse-related barriers and issues.

Click here for more information on the 2013 Brownfields Conference.

Vita Nuova Participates in 2013 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

 In February, Vita Nuova moderated an implementation panel at the 12th annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in Kansas City, MO. The panel featured three unique projects in Toledo, OH, Ogden, IA, and Indianapolis, IN. While these communities all face different issues, all three experienced disinvestment and lack of access to capital in recent decades, causing stagnation in rebuilding efforts.

The goal of the panel was to develop ideas and next steps that could help the communities build upon their previous work and continue to realize improvement. Following presentations on the key catalytic projects by each of the communities, the audience offered ideas, based on their own experiences, and recommendations on potential strategies for leveraging the existing projects.

The result of the panel was two-fold: audience members shared their experiences and generated a number of new ideas to take home and representatives from the three key communities gained valuable advice from audience members experiences.

VN supports disposition of Connecticut Yankee Property to
US Fish and Wildlife

Vita Nuova supported the disposition of a portion of the Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company property to US Fish and Wildlife (FWS). Vita Nuova worked with a coalition of local conservation groups to help facilitate an offer from FWS to purchase the property and complete the transfer of land. An article in the Hartford Courant provides information on the transfer.

This work, on behalf of the property owner, is one example of how Vita Nuova helps its clients identify reuse and disposition options that meet their corporate objectives, and supports clients' transfer land process.

VN partners with Valley Council of Government to provide community leaders Prepared Workbook Training

 Vita Nuova facilitated a Prepared Workbook Training workshop for the Council of Governments of the Central Naugatuck Valley this week, bringing together community leaders from the Valley area and connecting them with representatives from USEPA and CTDEEP. The Workshop was a great success, utilizing a case study and an interactive format to lead the participants through the PREPARED approach and work through various reuse-related barriers and issues.

Gary O'Connor, chair of the Governor's Brownfields Task Force, called the Prepared Workbook "everything you need to get the job done".

An overview of the PREPARED approach and a free, downloadable version of the Workbook are available at

If you are interested in having Vita Nuova facilitate a Prepared Workbook Training for your area, please contact us at

Vita Nuova works to reposition 330 acres of waterfront in Ogdensburg, NY

Working closely with the city under a BOA Step 2, Vita Nuova is working to prepare the waterfront for redevelopment. See an article here describing the recent presentation to the City Council on the market and economic analysis study and to see the website referenced in the article, go to

NAIOP Foundation Releases VN Member Barry Hersh's National Waterfront Brownfield Redevelopment Study

Click here to view the study

Vita Nuova Facilitating EPA PREPARED Workbook Training in Vermont April 23, 2012

EPA's PREPARED Workbook Training
Location: Capitol Plaza Hotel; Montpelier, Vermont

EPA and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation are co-hosting a free, one-day workshop on reusing contaminated properties. Training content is specifically tailored for:

  • Vermont Regional Planning Commissions
  • Vermont Regional Development Corporations
  • Vermont League of Cities and Towns
  • Vermont municipalities

This training will be based on the PREPARED Workbook issued by EPA Region 1 in May, 2011. The PREPARED Workbook (Process for Risk Evaluation, Property Analysis and Reuse Decisions) describes a risk-management approach designed to help guide municipalities through the regulatory and redevelopment process. An overview of the PREPARED approach and a free, downloadable version of the Workbook are available at:

The training will be conducted by EPA Region 1, VT DEC, and Vita Nuova LLC, a national, New England-based consulting firm with extensive expertise in private-sector and public-sector redevelopment projects involving contaminated properties. Among the topics to be covered are:

  • Establishing realistic project goals
  • Conducting environmental due diligence and all appropriate inquiry
  • Assessing project risk stemming from federal and state environmental liability, financial risk, and community issues
  • Developing a risk management strategy

The Workshop utilizes a case study and an interactive format to lead the participants through the PREPARED approach and work through various reuse-related barriers and issues.

Click here to register for the training course. There are no fees for registration and course materials. The number of participants may be limited, so please register early. This will help ensure you a place at the workshop and help us to plan appropriately. If someone in your organization will be attending in your place or in addition to you, please forward this invitation to them. We would appreciate hearing from you even if you will not be attending. Just go to the registration page, type in your name and organization, and check the appropriate box.

An agenda and additional information on the Workshop will be sent in a subsequent notice.

For questions, please contact:
John Podgurski, Land Revitalization Coordinator
EPA Region 1
(617) 918-1296

Trish Coppolino, Brownfields Coordinator
Vermont DEC
(802) 241-3967

What's New at Vita Nuova? Winter/Spring 2012

Vita Nuova Helps Reposition and Support Disposition of Major Former Industrial Properties

Vita Nuova is currently supporting the repositioning and/or disposition of almost 5,000 acres of former industrial properties across the United States. These properties include former chemical facilities, refining plants, nuclear energy generating plants, and other sites in Superfund, RCRA, NRC, and voluntary cleanup programs. VN supports clients in assessing the reuse potential for these properties, helping to shepherd these properties through the regulatory process, and conducting Expression of Interest (EOI) processes for their disposition. While the details of many of these projects are confidential, please contact us for more information on how to reposition and redevelop your underutilized property.

PREPARED Workbook Training - Region 1

From 2009 to 2011, VN supported USEPA in developing a primer for municipalities for the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields and other contaminated properties. This groundbreaking guidance provides a roadmap for making risk management decisions in order to bring underutilized properties back to productive use. VN is supporting USEPA on the development of training curriculum to be piloted in Vermont on April 23, 2012. For more information on the work PREPARED Workbook, click here

SIEDC Green Zone - Staten Island, NY

As a part of an integrated team, Vita Nuova has provided sustainability consulting to Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) in the establishment of a green zone for companies providing sustainable products or planning to operate more sustainably. This forward reaching program is intended to create a green zone district in the center of one of the largest consumer markets in the world and increase sustainable economy activity in the New York Metropolitan Region.

Ogdensburg Area-Wide Economic and Market Trends Analysis

Vita Nuova has provided an economic and market trends analysis for the major sites along their waterfront. This analysis will provide direction for future work in revitalization of the waterfront as part of USEPA's Area-wide Planning program and New York State's BOA to support the revitalization of the City of Ogdensburg. Significant property along the waterfront will provide a economic boost to the city and its downtown upon redevelopment.

Revitalization of Former Jeep Plant Neighborhood-Toledo, Ohio

As part of an ongoing partnership between the City of Toledo, the Toledo Foundation, the Port Authority of Toledo, Urban League and USEPA, work has begun to rebuild the neighborhood as the Former Jeep Plant is redeveloped. Priorities include establishment of a broad-based consortium to support the long-term rebuilding of the neighborhood, connecting it will city, regional, state and national resources. This neighborhood-driven approach is intended to serve as a model of cooperation for revitalizing communities as former industrial sites are redeveloped so that those who have suffered from the abandonment and dislocation will participate in the economic and social regeneration of the area.

4th Annual NSCW - June 7, 2012 in NYC!

The 4th Annual Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop (NSCW) will be held on June 7, 2012 in NYC! For more details on this exciting full day workshop, visit the NSCW website here.

Indy Smart Growth District takes off upon completion of USEPA/DOT/HUD Pilot

Click here to read Issue 1 of the new Indianapolis Smart Growth District Bulletin! Locals in Indianapolis are now working to complete plans envisioned during an EPA-led process. Vita Nuova, as subcontractor to SRA International, served as primary facilitator and planner during the pilot.

What's New at Vita Nuova? Fall 2011

Vita Nuova recently helped develop the following new USEPA documents:

Urban Farm Business Plan Handbook: EPA Region 5 worked with local Toledo partners to develop a planning toolkit based on a business plan created for the Fernwood Growing Center in Toledo, OH. The Urban Farm Business Plan Handbook provides a framework for any organization or community interested in developing an urban farm on cleaned brownfields or vacant sites to help address neighborhood blight, food access, or community development challenges. The handbook provides guidance on how to assemble marketing, operating, and financial strategies to communicate your urban farm project to potential partners and funders.

To guide your responses, questionnaires related to each section as well as financial spreadsheets are also included.

The PREPARED Workbook was developed by EPA New England and its contractors for local governments (it should also be useful to states, counties, tribes and quasi-governmental redevelopment entities). PREPARED is a risk management framework for evaluating various actions that a local government might take to bring about a desired reuse at contaminated properties that it does not currently own. These actions are referred to in the Workbook as property recovery actions. Worksheets are also provided to help document and guide the evaluation process. Click here to view the workbook and the downloadable worksheets.

Toledo Synergy

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Department of Transportation (DOT) are working together under the Partnership for Sustainable Communities (Partnership) to ensure that federal investments, policies and actions support development that is more efficient and sustainable. This partnership is based on "livability principles" that guide inter-agency collaboration and support the integration of safe, reliable, and economical transportation; affordable, energy-efficient housing; and sustainable reuse of idle or underutilized land.

As part of its role in the Partnership, EPA provided technical assistance to the City of Toledo, Ohio to conduct planning and visioning to strengthen the coordination and investment in the community in support of transportation, housing, and environmental improvement. With the cleanup and redevelopment planning of the former Jeep site underway, EPA provided technical assistance to build a foundation for revitalizing the neighborhoods surrounding the 110-acre brownfield. The project goal was to foster interaction and a working relationship among the local stakeholders to leverage expertise and resources to help strengthen the neighborhoods surrounding the former Jeep site.

Click here to read the report - "Toledo Synergy: Revitalizing the Former Jeep Site and Surrounding Neighborhoods."

Indianapolis Smart Growth District

Vita Nuova assisted USEPA Region 5 and local partners in developing the following recently released reports:

Phase I Redevelopment Plan Area: Implementation Funding Plan

Revitalization Strategy: Prioritizing Actions to Support a Transit-Oriented Future

September 27, 2011 - Factory H Project Gaining Momentum in Meriden, CT

Click here for a recent article which provides an update on the timeline of the Factory H site cleanup in Meriden, CT.

Vita Nuova Supports Partnership for Sustainable Communities Area-wide Pilot Projects

Vita Nuova, LLC, under contract with SRA International, Inc., is supporting USEPA on the following Sustainability Pilots:

  • Indianapolis, Indiana - Identifying Local Catalysts and Focus Areas (in progress)
  • Toledo, OH - Area Wide Planning (in progress: click here to view the Local Synergy Toledo project portal)
  • National City, CA - An innovative land revitalization project in the Westside Neighborhood of National City, CA. Vita Nuova provided technical assistance on 1) sustainable remediation; 2) redevelopment options for a City-owned open space site; and 3) habitat restoration for Paradise Creek. In addition, Vita Nuova developed recommendations for property ranking non-conforming uses in the Westside Neighborhood.

For more information on this project, see the following:
USEPA Region 9 Homepage -
USEPA Region 9 Annual Report -
USEPA Land Revitalization Success Stories -

What's New at Vita Nuova? Spring 2011

Vita Nuova Selected by SoBro to Complete Pre-nomination Study in Eastchester
Vita Nuova will complete a pre-nomination study for an industrial section of the Bronx called Eastchester for SoBro, an urban housing redevelopment corporation located in the Bronx.

Vita Nuova Developing Model Primer for Composting for EPA Innovations Program
Vita Nuova is working with Providence, RI and Bridgeport, CT to identify opportunities for composting of food waste and generation of electricity. From this process, Vita Nuova will develop a primer for use in other communities by USEPA.

Vita Nuova Supporting Disposition of Former Refinery
Working with the property owner, Vita Nuova is conducting an expression of interest process leading to the disposition of 58 acres located off I-86 in Olean, NY.

Vita Nuova Supporting Ecological Restoration along the Quinnipiac River
On a former RCRA site in south central CT, Vita Nuova is supporting the property owner in development of 40 acres of ecological restoration and interpretive trails, as well as 18 acres of land for industrial development.

Vita Nuova is completing 3 USEPA/HUD/DOT Sustainability Pilots in National City, CA, Toledo, OH, and Indianapolis, IN
These pilots aim to coordinate the resources of USEPA, HUD, and DOT with city resources for the improvement and revitalization of distressed existing neighborhoods. This work is based on the Partnership for Sustainable Communities

What's New at Vita Nuova? Fall 2010

Vita Nuova Named Brownfields Consultant for Staten Island Economic Development Corporation
Vita Nuova will be providing a variety of services to Staten Island property owners and developers to facilitate redevelopment of brownfields properties on the island in conjunction with SIEDC.

Vita Nuova Conducting Neighborhood Planning Study in New Rochelle, NY
In preparation for a new comprehensive plan, Vita Nuova was selected to conduct a neighborhood study of the West Side neighborhood of New Rochelle.

Vita Nuova to Support Disposition of Former Refinery Property in Olean, NY
Working with the property owner, Vita Nuova will conduct an expression of interest process leading to the disposition of 58 acres located off I-86 in Olean, NY.

Vita Nuova is Completing two USEPA/DOT/HUD Sustainability Pilots in National City, CA and Indianapolis, IN
These pilots focus on distressed existing neighborhoods and seek to identify strategies for revitalization.

Vita Nuova is Developing a Model Business Plan for an Urban Farm in Toledo, OH
The model business plan will support Toledo CDC in its efforts to develop an urban growing center and will then be available to non-profit and for-profit entities for developing urban agriculture business plans.

These are a sample of the new projects that Vita Nuova is working on this fall (2010).

Local Synergy™ Process to Help Revitalize Ogden, IA

 The Vita Nuova team is preparing to implement the Local Synergy™ process in Ogden, IA, a small town of just 2,000 residents just west of Ames, IA. The town of Ogden is seeking to redevelop brownfields properties and in the process revitalize the downtown area. For more information, visit the Local Synergy™ Ogden webpage here.

The 2nd Annual NSCW was a Sold Out Success!

 The reviews are coming in! One attendee offered these comments: "Excellent presentations with a good mix of technical details and practical considerations. Great variety of presenters from different specific fields and public and private sectors. Well-run, upbeat and excellent opportunities for networking.

Click here to visit the NSCW website.

Register Today and Save! 2nd Annual Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop - June 17, 2010

 Early registration is now open for the 2nd Annual Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop, to be held on June 17, 2010 in Newark, NJ. Register before May 15 to receive the early bird pricing! Click here to register today!

The 2010 Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop will look deeply at the interconnections and confluences that make for creating sustainable communities through Brownfields redevelopment. Brownfields are uniquely suited to be a place for sustainable redevelopment to grow. The program for this workshop is intended to be one day of intensive, high energy exchanges between stakeholders sharing varied perspectives on the issues surrounding Brownfields and sustainability.

To view the workshop agenda, registration information, and more, please visit

Vita Nuova Develops Auto Body Shop Green Guidelines and Zoning Code

 Vita Nuova developed a two-part analysis of National City, California's auto body-related businesses. The analysis includes a series of design guidelines and best management practices for auto body shops. Taken together, these guidelines and best management practices provide tangible steps for shop owners to enhance and protect worker safety, public health and the environment. The green automobile repair code report provides a series of recommendations for general municipal zoning code revisions to specifically address auto body-related land uses. Drawing on best management practices and case studies, this report provides specific recommendations on how National City can alter its current zoning code to more appropriately address the auto body-related uses.

Vita Nuova Performing 6 Sustainabilty Pilots Supported By USEPA With Communities Around the Country

Springfield, MO Sustainability Pilot
The Commercial Street District, a former industrial and commercial corridor in Springfield, MO is the city's first historic district and its recent redevelopment is creating a vibrant arts, entertainment and shopping destination. This project focused on three key properties within the district in order to coordinate their sustainable redevelopment; a microbrewery, a day spa and a community center.

Vita Nuova evaluated the three sites in the context of sustainable reuse objectives. The analysis offered green design methods for adaptive reuse of each site and an examination of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) costs and process. Vita Nuova made concrete recommendations for how to implement intelligent green design solutions tailored to the individual needs of the sites' end uses.

View the report

Roxbury, MA Sustainability Pilot
The Jackson Square Redevelopment Initiative is a multi-use brownfield redevelopment project led by Urban Edge, a local community development organization. The project is planned on 14.5-acres of former industrial land in Roxbury, MA. The project includes the construction of 14 new buildings and the restoration of an existing building.

Vita Nuova analyzed the applicability and costs of green roof construction on the Jackson Square Redevelopment Initiative. The analysis considered a large range of general and site-specific concerns, including environmental and energy impacts, stormwater management, regulatory requirements, programming needs, and site access.

View the report

Samoa, CA Sustainability Pilot
The Town of Samoa, CA is one of the few remaining "Company Towns," constructed in the late 19th century by the Hammond Lumber Company to serve their workers. The Town's current developers are in the process of implementing the Samoa Town Master Plan. This plan includes redevelopment of the existing residences and buildings, as well as construction of new housing, industrial and commercial development and tourist and cultural facilities.

Vita Nuova analyzed the Town Master Plan in the context of two green building rating systems: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Neighborhood Development Rating System and Land and Natural Development (LAND) Code. Through this analysis Vita Nuova created a profile of the project's sustainable development practices and made recommendations on areas for improvement.

In addition, Vita Nuova developed a Voluntary Green Code and Green Remodeling Guide for the rehabilitation of the Town's existing homes. The guide serves as a companion piece to the green building analysis and provides more specific recommendations for the preservation of Samoa's historic homes.

View the report

View the Green Code Manual

Burlington, VT Sustainability Pilot
The Moran Center at Waterfront Park in Burlington, VT is a former coal-fired electric generating plant that is being redeveloped as a multi-use community amenity. The plans for the Center include partnerships with three key organizations: The Ice Factor International, an ice climbing facility, the Community Sailing Center and the Green Mountain Children's Museum.

Vita Nuova evaluated the site in the context of green design objectives. The analysis provides green design methods for the development of the Moran Center site plan and building, as well as guidance for wetlands restoration and enhancement. Vita Nuova provided recommendations for sustainable infrastructure and site design that are appropriate for the site's reuse objectives.

View the report

May 14, 2010 - Vita Nuova Continues Community Engagement Efforts

Click here to read the latest article highlighting Vita Nuova's ongoing efforts of community engagement and revitalization in the City of Meriden, CT.

May 5, 2010 - Vita Nuova Facilitates Community Meetings Focused on Revitalization

Vita Nuova is working with the City of Meriden, CT to engage community members and address issues affecting the health of the community. An article recently appeared in the Record Journal on May 5, 2010 which highlights Vita Nuova's efforts.

Read the article here.

April 27, 2010 - Vita Nuova to Gather Community Input on Brownfields Sites

Vita Nuova will be facilitating a series of neighborhood meetings during the month of May in Meriden, CT, obtaining input from residents regarding redevelopment and neighborhood improvement.

Click here to read the article that appeared in the Record Journal on April 27, 2010.

Vita Nuova Helping to Revitalize Small Communities

Vita Nuova's community based efforts in Ogden, Iowa were featured this week in an article appearing in The Ogden Reporter.

Click here to read the full article.

Vita Nuova Helps Make Long-Awaited Project a Reality

The Portland, Oregon Chapter of the sorority Delta Sigma Theta has been dreaming of creating a green community center for nearly two decades. Now, the project has become a reality. As part of a USEPA Sustainability Pilot, Vita Nuova designed the water reuse, storm water management system, and green landscape plan for the project, which will transform an old gas station into a green gathering place.

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March 30th, 2010 - Vita Nuova Teams Up with Indianapolis on Smart Growth Initiative

 Vita Nuova is one of several consultants working on the exciting Indianapolis Smart Growth Renewal District Partnership.

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February 1, 2010 - USEPA Sustainability Pilot Makes Headlines

The June Key Delta Sigma community center project in Portland, Oregon was recently highlighted in an article at Vita Nuova developed a 'green landscape plan' and water recycling design for the Delta Sigma Sorority as part of the USEPA Brownfields Sustainability Pilot program. This plan includes native plantings and a storm water retention system that will keep all storm water on-site.

A number of techniques were combined on this small, former gas station site in order to meet the strict stands of the City of Portland, Oregon. The site is using the Living Buildings standards that will incorporate a number of cutting-edge green standards, including a storm water recycling system that uses storm water for flushing toilets and irrigation on the site.

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Vita Nuova Member Contributes to the Newly Released "Whole Earth Green Catalog"

 The Whole Earth Catalog, published to counterculture acclaim between 1968-72, has been reborn as The Whole Green Catalog, just published by Rodale Press. Covering "Green" tools, topics, technology, and products from A to Z, the book is edited by Michael Robbins and written by experts in 20 different disciplines, including Vita Nuova member Tim Snyder, who authored the "Smart Shelter" chapter.

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Vita Nuova presents at the Brownfields 2009 Conference

 We'll see you in New Orleans at the 2009 National Brownfields Conference! Vita Nuova will be participating in the following sessions:

Big, Bad and At Times Ugly: Complex Site Redevelopment

Monday, Nov 16, 2009, 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM

EPA's Risk Management Workbook for Municipalities

Tuesday Nov 16, 2009, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM *Special Session - Room 225
To register, email

The Perfect Storm: How a Downturned Real Estate Market
Can Boost Sustainability at Brownfields Sites

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009, 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

The Role of Risk-based Cleanup in Residential Development

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009, 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

Brownfield Sustainability Pilot Program

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009, 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Models of Sustainable Community Development:
Using Brownfields Redevelopment to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2009, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

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where you can read full descriptions of each session!

Vita Nuova Launches New Website!

Vita Nuova is pleased to welcome you to our new website, featuring expanded services, projects, and initiatives coupled with the latest web technology. Vita Nuova continues to grow and expand, and visitors will be pleased to find a wealth of new content designed to clearly illustrate Vita Nuova's innovative offerings and approaches. We encourage you to explore the site where you will find videos, recorded webinars, an array of graphics and images, project success stories, and more. We hope that you find this new resource to be informative and useful, and we welcome you to contact us anytime at